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Who is PylonData for?

PylonData offers data-driven energy insights to a variety of institutions. Which one are you?


PV Installers


Municipalities are at the forefront of the energy transition towards renewable energy and arguably the most active institutions in tackling energy poverty.
PylonData’s data-driven insights can help municipalities:

Tackle energy poverty

With PylonData you can offer accurate and actionable advice to your constituents on reducing their energy costs.

Reduce your energy costs

PylonData’s data driven insights let you find out how much energy you actually need, don’t pay one penny more than you need to!

Fast pay-back time

You will achieve real cost savings on energy that will enable you to recoup your investment on PylonData in less than 5-months.

Quick and Cost-Effective

PylonData’s automated platform lets you calculate energy needs of your facilities, or your constituents, fast so you can do more in less time.

No expertise required

You need no energy or software related expertise to use PylonData.

Municipalities we have worked with
The prosumer revolution is in full swing and you are probably getting more requests that you could handle manually. PylonData allows you quickly respond to your potential customers and manage the sales funnel, even if you know zero about energy!
PylonData’s data-driven insights can help PV installers:

Send proposals quicker

With PylonData you can automatically assess your potential clients needs and quickly respond with tailor-made proposals.

More personalized proposals

Offer PV systems that are perfect for your potential customers needs.

Manage your sales force more effectively

Get automated reports to track the performance of your sales team and make management decisions based on real data.

Free up time and perform better

Since using PylonData to create and manage your sales efforts is so easy, your staff will have more time to be on the field and looking for new leads.

Minimum energy knowledge required

Anyone can use PylonData to size a PV system and create a proposal, so your staff don’t need to be experts anymore.

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In today’s hypercompetitive market, it is increasingly difficult to acquire new customers and even to retain existing customers. With PylonData, electricity retailers can easily offer personalized services that fulfil each customer’s particular need.
PylonData’s data-driven insights can help retailers:

Accelerate customer acquisition

with PylonData’s embedded forms that allow your potential customers to choose the best tariff in less than five minutes.

Better digital services and increased customer retention

Offer better digital services such as energy consumption analysis and offer your customers the best possible deal so they stay with you for the long-haul.

Adapt quickly to changes in the energy market

New tariff regulations? No problem. PylonData adapts to new regulation so you can keep offering your services without a blip.

Super-efficient operations

provide your final customers with better services in less time with PylonData’s automated platform.

Manage your sales force more effectively

Get automated reports to track the performance of your sales team and make management decisions based on real data.

Retailers we have worked with

Simple. For everyone.

PylonData is a data-driven platform that can help your company offer personalized digital services to your customers & reduce the time-response, while reducing your operational costs.

With the PylonData platform, you get personalized analyses in seconds and without any prior technical knowledge.

Take the guesswork out of your energy decisions with PylonData.

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